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Twitter Took To Discussing $30 A Plate Thanksgiving Meals And It Got Wild

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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It all started when the @BlackandSexyTV account shared this tweet:

So the topic on the TL is Thanksgiving dinners? Would y’all actually pay FAMILY $30 for a meal you’ve always eaten…

Some people were simply not here for it:

This $30 thanksgiving plate shit is how I know y'all grandmas young as hell.

When grandma tells me it’s $30 to come over for Thanksgiving

If ur charging $30 to attend a thanksgiving gathering..I'm reporting you to the health department for not having a permit to sell food

While a few were ready to do a full-blown Yelp review:

If I️ pay $30 for a thanksgiving plate and the macaroni soggy, the peas all mushed, and the turkey tastes like wood imma take your TV.

Catch food poisoning at the $30 Thanksgiving and gotta call the Department of Health on them like

Regardless, the idea did have some supporters:

If you can’t pony up $30 to eat a big ass thanksgiving spread that was prepared for you without you lifting a finger....that says a lot

Lmao y’all really don’t understand this $30 thanksgiving plate thing. My aunt charges us and cooks everything and we just eat.

I wonder what percentage of folks commenting on this $30 plate business have ever so much as cooked a side for Than…

But jokes were aplenty:

Y'all aunts charging you $30 for a thanksgiving plate because she really don't like you. that's the real tea.

Mfs got Thanksgiving flyers wit “free before 10:30” in fine print. 2017 is so wild.

When ya Auntie got the house smelling lovely with Thanksgiving dinner but you worried your card gonna get declined

Some focused on ideas to scheme their way into the dinner:

Me sneaking into Granny's room to steal the $30 out her purse to pay her for my Thanksgiving meal

"Can u put in $30 for Thanksgiving? Me: No "Will u host then?" Me: No "Help cook?" Me: No "Bring a dish?" Me: No "S…

Me, at Thanksgiving, with a full plate I didn’t pay $30 for :

While others shared ideas of what $30 could buy:

I wonder if you get a wristband after you pay your $30 on thanksgiving

Grandma charge me $30, I'm roping off part of the couch and bet not nobody sit there

$30 at the door for Thanksgiving? Auntie must have sections and bottle service.

When your aunt bring you the Turkey to the VIP area

$2k Thanksgiving package: you got the house to yourself and everybody else gotta eat outside

First $200 dates now it's $30 thanksgiving plates. Twitter is wild.

  1. So where do you stand in the debate?

    So where do you stand in the debate?
    $30 is reasonable and I'd pay
    I would not cough up $30
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So where do you stand in the debate?
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