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13 Brilliant "Harry Potter" Tweets That Are Literally Hysterical

"When you've got X Factor at 8 but the Triwizard Tournament at 9."

1. This critique:

harry potter goblet of fire didn't have to go that hard. opening quidditch scene, dragons, mermaids, russian guys, french girls, professor moody, edward from twilight, and voldemort. truly a masterpiece.

2. This comparison:

i identify most with that bitch in harry potter in the bathroom always fucking crying

3. This statement:

I've never felt worse about that thing I did to Hedwig. https://t.co/5jyA0T23ka

4. This missed opportunity:

I went to the bathroom in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios and they had a regular paper towel dispenser you had to push down on to get the towels out. Of all bathrooms in the world it should have automatic “magic” paper towel dispensers, come on now

5. This wardrobe hack:

When you've got X factor at 8 but the Triwizard tournament at 9 #XFactorUK

6. This worthy piece of news:

Finally @espn is reporting on real sports. https://t.co/GdD6CIKyRO

7. This reenactment:

Harry vs Voldemort in the deathly hallows

8. And this one:

Molly Weasley shouting at her sons for stealing the flying car vs turning to look at Harry

9. This synopsis:

Harry, Hermoine and Ron after destroying school property, playing with time travel, fighting death eaters, putting every other student in danger and sill getting an extra 500 points at the end of school year

10. This accurate depiction:

harry potter using the invisibility cloak to go into the restricted section of the library

11. This honest mistake:

ain't whiteclaw the harry potter house

12. This unconscionable strategy:

Death Eater: why don’t you just go and kill Harry Potter now? Voldemort: before …before the end of the school year? wtf?

13. And this forgotten book title: