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    15 Things Everyone Must Do In Nottingham

    So much more than Robin Hood.

    1. Have a pint at Pitcher and Piano

    Em Con / Via

    When you live in the city for a while it’s easy to take this bar (a chain at that) for granted. However, this one inhabits an awe-inspiring converted church that is quite simply unlike any bar you’ve ever been to. You can't beat a bit of stained glass

    2. Row around Highfields Lake

    Flickr: traceyfoster / Via Tracey Foster

    Next to Nottingham University campus, students are already in the know about Highfields. This vast park is home to the picturesque lake, which is ideal for hot summer days.

    3. Watch a film at Broadway Cinema

    MHK Photography / Via

    The independent city centre cinema was designed by Paul Smith and counts Quentin Tarantino amongst its fans. The Academy Award winner chose to host the UK premiere of Reservoir Dogs at the venue.

    4. Have a rummage at Hopkinson

    Vintage Shops / Via

    People have been known to spend hours across the four floors of vintage pieces and antiques. There will be hidden treasure somewhere in here, but you'll have to rummage.

    5. Have one too many at the Nottingham Beer Festival

    Flickr: antcaz / Via Creative Commons

    It may only occur once a year, (Oct 7-10) but people come from miles around, and return year on year.

    Why? To sample over 1,000 craft beers (you may think that the odd punter has done so individually based on the state) eat at the great food stalls, and take in some live music, all in the setting of Nottingham castle.

    6. Visit the Contemporary Gallery

    Distored Arts / Via

    There aren’t scores of museums and art attractions in the city, but this one would stand out anywhere with its impressive collections. The current (free) exhibition sees the works of American pop artist Glenn Ligon visit Nottingham.

    7. Listen to...something at Jam Café

    Lamar Francis Images and Photography / Via

    You never know what’s going to be on at this Nottingham favourite. I’ve seen every genre of music, open mic nights, brilliant DJs and poetry. You won’t have to wait too long for what you didn’t know you needed to hear.

    8. Get wet at the National Watersports Centre

    Flickr: cyberslayer / Via Creative Commons

    You can follow in the footsteps of some our country’s Olympians, who have honed their trade here over the years. The casual visitor might prefer a serene afternoon sailing though, rather than attempting a rapid descent down a white water course.

    9. Get a tour from Robin Hood himself

    Experience Nottinghamshire / Via

    Ade Andrews is the closest you’re going to get to the city’s famous outlaw. His tours have annoyed locals in a rush and delighted tourists for years winning numerous national awards in the process.

    10. Stroll around Wollaton Park

    Flickr: arleach84 / Via Creative Commons

    This park is a local institution but deserves a mention nonetheless. It’s got Batman’s house from the Dark Knight Rises, also known as Wollaton Hall; fields full of ridiculously tolerant deer; two museums, a golf course, and myriad summer music and food festivals.

    11. Take tea at Bromley House

    Experience Nottinghamshire / Via

    For a change of pace in the hustle and bustle of the city centre take in a tour of this 200 year old subscription library. This attractive Georgian townhouse is well worth a visit, but be sure to book ahead.

    12. Find out what’s behind the door at Boilermaker

    Autumn Edginton / Via

    Hidden bars are very much in vogue and Nottingham’s version is pretty inconspicuous. Genuine confusion can be seen on the faces of those not in the know when a queue forms outside the plain frontage. It’s not all a gimmick though; the cocktails walk the walk. Try the "Robbin’ Goods: Prince Of Leaves".

    13. Visit Attenborough Nature Reserve

    Flickr: 54459164@N00 / Via Creative Commons

    Whether you’re an avid bird spotter, or just happy feeding the ducks, this is the place for nature lovers. A walk amongst the lakes and a hot drink at the centre’s cafe is a pretty spiffing way to spend an afternoon.

    14. Navigate Nottingham's Caves

    Flickr: luciaski2 / Via Creative Commons

    Beneath Nottingham lies a network of over 450 caves that were once as buzzing as the city centre is today. You can take them in at your leisure at both the Malt Cross and Hand & Heart pubs or take an official tour with City of Caves.

    15. See the Major Oak

    Major Oak / Via

    It felled the competition to win Tree of the Year, and you can see it in Sherwood Forest. The legend goes that Robin Hood took shelter under the oak’s great branches. Tree. Of. The. Year.

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