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    15 Bars In Nottingham You Must Visit Before You Die

    Cocktails, music stores, churches...and a door in a bookcase! Nottingham's bar scene has it all.

    1. Das Kino

    Alec Frusher / Via

    A German-cinema–themed bar, with ping pong tables to hire? That should be enough to get you to this new Nottingham bar. Just be wary, shots from the photo booth might come back to haunt you if you have one too many.

    2. Pepper Rocks

    3. Tilt

    Tilt / Via

    This bar has to be one of the most popular in the city... I can never find a seat! For my money it is the best place in Nottingham for classic cocktails. They've also got a gin garden.

    4. Rocket at Saltwater

    Swava / Via

    Come summertime there are few busier locations than the substantial terrace at the top of the Cornerhouse. You can have a chilled out afternoon drink in the sun, or decide you are "out out" and hit the dancefloor thanks to the resident DJ.

    5. Riverbank

    6. Cucamara

    Cucamara / Via Twitter / @cucamara

    This cheap tequila house holds a special place in the heart's of Nottingham students. The infamous £1 tequila slammers might have something to do with it...

    7. Boilermaker

    Autumn Days / Via

    Ever wondered why all those people are hanging around near an old boiler shop? It's a secret bar...obviously. For those seeking decadence, head through the hidden door and try the "99 Problems Put a Flake in One".

    8. Sobar


    A bar with a difference. In case you hadn't guessed it from the name, Sobar is an alcohol-free zone! This daytime hangout gives everyone an "bar" alternative to the default coffee chain option.

    9. The Malt Cross

    Bees Make Honey Creative Community / Via

    One of the most charming bars going – over 120 years of character lie in the restored Victorian music hall that The Malt Cross inhabits. They're sticking to those roots, as plenty of live music is still hosted within those old walls.

    10. Coco Tang

    Coco Tang / Via Twitter / @houseofcocotang

    Just the right mix between cocktail bar and underground club, Coco Tang is a hotspot for savvy students and professionals alike. With one of the more inventive cocktail menus in town, they are constantly evolving their offering. The Tiramisu is the latest on their list.

    11. Pitcher and Piano

    Em Con / Via

    Yes it's a chain, but this bar is set in a converted church. Who wouldn't want a Pimm's on a pew, or some fizz by a font?

    12. Turtle Bay

    Turtle Bay / Via

    Rum is very much order of the day at this popular Caribbean restaurant and bar. With 2-4-1 cocktails from midday until 7pm, there's plenty of time to enjoy some island sunshine in Nottingham.

    13. Sinatra

    Sinatra / Via Facebook / Sinatra's Bar-Restaurant Nottingham

    There aren't many wine bars in Nottingham. This one though, is the pick of the bunch. A list that changes often and plenty of choice by the glass means I do get a kick outta here.

    14. Pit and Pendulum

    15. Crafty Crow

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