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    14 Secret Places To Eat In Nottingham

    Noshingham is maintaining its position as capital of the Eat Midlands.

    1. Inferno

    2. Thaikhun

    Frusher on Food / Via

    The first of two new Thai places on this list, Thaikhun brings Asian street food to the streets of Nottingham. The multi-levelled restaurant brings the old favourites like Pad Thai as well as new regional dishes. Their Bangkok Street Platter is a great way to get started.

    3. Chino Latino

    Frusher on Food / Via

    The striking black and red of this restaurant is home to Asian cooking and unique cocktails alike. Latino Spring Punch and sushi is a great way to start a meal. The most popular way to enjoy the food here is the tasting menu. My favourite dish? Steak served sizzling on hot rocks

    4. The Hockley Arts Club

    The Hockley Arts Club / Via Facebook: thehockleyartsclub

    Probably the trendiest place in Nottingham right now. Tucked semi-secretly away down an alley its, multiple spaces mean there’s something for everyone. The menu is limited to a few items but they do it well. They've started new brunch club on Saturdays too – who doesn't want truffled eggs with bottomless prosecco?

    5. George's Kitchen

    Frusher on Food / Via

    A great all-rounder for seafood, George's serve excellent fish and chips but there’s a lot more besides. You can even grab a beach hut booth at one of the most stylish of Nottingham’s new restaurants. Not a fish fan? You can feast on their "proper dirty" burger too.

    6. Time Out Café

    Frusher on Food / Via

    This quirky spot was started by students from the university of Nottingham looking to provide a space to chill out and have a quick bite. The most memorable of their dishes is a Korean Carbonara. Yes, you heard me! This spiced-up version of the Italian classic is something everyone should try.

    7. Zaap

    Frusher on Food / Via

    Its a case of bright colours and bold flavours at the other Thai street food restaurant to inhabit the city. It's more of a sharing venue than Thaikhun; so bring some friends, grab a tuktuk booth and chow down.

    8. Oaks

    Oaks / Via

    Nottingham’s burger crown is a hotly debated topic, but my best burger of the last year was the flavoursome beef and bone marrow one at Oaks. Their produce is as local as possible, and they cook over embers from local sustainable felling.

    9. The Clock House

    10. The Cod's Scallops

    Frusher on Food / Via

    There’s more than meets the eye at this modest chippy just outside the city. In 2016 it has been voted the third best fish and chip restaurant in the country. If I'm treating myself I'll sometimes a few cockles from their fish counter while I wait. There might just be a small queue on a Friday...

    11. 200 Degrees

    200 Degrees

    The coffee here is so good it deserves a place on the list. They bring their beans from "the heights of the Colombian mountains to the hill tracts of South India" and hand roast them in-house.

    Grab a flat white and a home-made brownie.

    12. Baresca

    13. Higoi

    14. The Hand and Heart

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