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  • 7 MTV True Life Documentaries That Should Be Made

    Even in its heyday, MTV did have programming other than music videos that was actually worth a damn. It was called True Life, and dealt with issues ranging from tragic drug addictions, to murder. In it’s thirteen plus year run they’ve aired a total of 140 topics. But after a while, it became clear that they were running out of ideas. For example, True Life: I’m Under Peer Pressure. Oh, boo hoo. It’s life, and it’s hard. You think that kid who’s complaining about peer pressure would have traded places with the girl from the very first True Life who was giving out handies for crack rocks? I doubt it. If MTV is going to continue down this niche path of documentary profiles, I have several suggestions of what I’d like to see.

  • 10 Life Lessons Learned from Martin Scorsese Movies

    It’s no secret that the films Martin Scorsese has crafted over his forty plus years in the director’s chair are all tiny miracles. They range from tiny (garlic) slices of life, to immense period pieces, where conventional thoughts of good versus evil are tossed right out the window and onto the desolate streets that have been pockmarked with urban decay. It’s easy as pop culture thrill jockeys to sit back in our padded chairs and let his movies thrill, chill and frighten us. But if you really dig deep inside, there are life lessons to carry with you; call it an intellectual man’s strongbox. Here are just ten to take note of.

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