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French Voters Think Britain Will Vote To Leave The EU

More than 1 in 2 say that the UK leaving the EU would make no difference to Europe's future. But in both cases, Britons disagree.

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Brits themselves continue to be divided over their future in the EU.


Those who say they would vote Remain are only slightly ahead with 38%, compared to Leave's 34%. And a significant number of voters is still undecided. Majorities in all other countries surveyed said they want the UK to remain in the EU (although the French by lower proportions than most other electorates).

Majorities in France and Germany said they are quite indifferent to the potential impact of Brexit.


More than 1 in 2 voters in both countries say the UK leaving the EU would make no difference to Europe's future. And 14% of French citizens think the EU would be better off financially without the UK – more than in any other of the surveyed states.

Voters in Spain, Poland, and Britain are far more pessimistic about the EU’s prospects without the UK.


TNS interviewed 1,198 adults in the UK, 1,000 in Poland, 1,510 in France, 1,023 in Germany, and 1,000 in Spain. Interviews in the UK and France were carried out online, while in Poland, Germany, and Spain they were done via telephone. Interviews were all carried out in the first half of April. All samples are representative of each country's respective population.

Alberto Nardelli is Europe editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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