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The 53 Thoughts Every College Grad Has Immediately After Moving Home

Because, let's face it. It's happening.

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1. Ugh, maybe this won't be as bad as I thought.

2. There's actually something comforting about my childhood house.

3. My dog! Oh how I missed you!

4. Is this really everything from my apartment? My entire life fits in seven garbage bags.

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5. I guess I should unpack now...

6. Shit, I live here.

7. It's probably time I take these prom pics off my wall.

8. OMG OMG, I live here, shit shit shit.

9. OK, breathe, breathe. I can't have a panic attack 10 minutes in.

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10. Water, I need water.

11. Wow, there is no food in this house. What do mom and dad even eat?

12. Are you kidding, mom? I refuse to believe this is a gluten free household.

13. Okay, cereal it is. Spoon...spoon...where are the spoons?

14. MOM! Where are the spoons!?

15. Forget it, I'm not even hungry anymore.

16. What am I supposed to do now?

17. Dinner? Dad it's 5:30.

18. This is delicious, mom! See, things are looking up already!

19. Dishes? PSHH, I'm here visiting you!

20. OMG no I'm not.

21. I can't do this.

22. I miss my friends.

23. I miss my life.

24. I miss college.


26. I need a nap.

27. This bed is absolutely terrible. A twin size, I'm 22 for Christ's sake.

28. My high school musical poster won't stop staring at me.

29. Zac Efron, you were such a sweet and innocent soul.

30. I can't sleep. At least my parents have HBO.

31. What do you mean, "turn it down?" It's 8:30, I can't with you two.

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32. This time last week I was three margs in, stuffing my face with tacos.

33. I need a job.

34. I need a drink.

35. Damn, the liquor cabinet is STOCKED.

36. What are they doing with tequila?

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37. My parents are kinda cool.

38. Got my glass of wine. It's Pinterest time.

39. * Searches "Change Quotes" *

40. "The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new."

41. Damn, Socrates knows my life.


43. I'm gonna make that the home screen on my phone.

44. Enough of this, I'm going to bed.

45. I'll get used to all of this in no time.

46. That sounds like my new mantra.

47. Maybe I'll do yoga in the morning, that will help with the anxiety.

48. I guess this was inevitable, we all moved on after graduation.

49. Think positive! Time to make new memories.

50. Life is really starting now!.

51. I'm only 22. Like, that's super young.

52. This isn't gonna be so bad.

53. This isn't so bad.

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