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    Small Victories Of Working At A Social Media Company

    The 10 times the best job got better, according to Mochee Social Media

    1. When #ThrowbackThursday, #MotivationalMonday, or virtually any holiday rolls around and the majority of your content requires no creative thinking.


    Yeahhh I'm just gonna let the hashtags do all the work. Let's see... #InternationalTacoDay #Carnitas #GroundBeef #Yum #Beans #Spicy

    2. When your tweet reaches exactly 140 characters and you don't have to edit a single letter.


    Thank the Twitter gods cause I am literally incapable of conveying this thought without that one apostrophe.

    3. When Facebook approves your ad with more than 20% text.


    You seriously cannot imagine how real the struggle it. 20% is like 3 words. Do you know how many ads have pics with less than 3 words plastered across them? NONE, THE ANSWER IS ZERO.

    4. When your Pinterest account is among the first to get approval for promoted pins.


    That's right. This pin will appear on every board, in every search result, all up in your face, and in your nightmares.

    5. The holy day Instagram introduced caption editing after posting.

    Because nothing is worse than having to delete and redo the entire post because you typed "Congratlations." The heavens opened up and everything was right with the world. A day not soon forgotten.

    6. When Twitter or Instagram does a follower purge, and your accounts escaped the mighty sword of injustice with its fake followers intact.


    Two words: 1. Office 2. Party

    7. When people actually participate in giveaways and contests you're moderating.


    7,295 followers and 13 people entered to win. You the real MVP, 13 people.

    8. When a client adds social media icons to their website.


    Because it's refreshing to know that people will actually see the content that you create, for the client that pays you for it.

    9. When Facebook approves a name change. (This typically takes some time.)


    Good because it's really not my problem that you decided to drop the "The" from your company name seven months into our contract, SIR.

    10. When Facebook introduced backdating posts.


    I posted it today but it's dated last week because it's the internet and time doesn't matter and I forgot.

    Have a good day! We gotta get back to work!