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24 Questions Every #Petty Girl Will ALWAYS Ask During A Fight

Alternatively titled "24 Queries Attitude Angels Utilize In Every Brawl"

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1. What do you think this is?

2. Why are you so sensitive?

3. Do you hear yourself right now?

4. What does that even mean?

5. That's all you have to say?

6. How can I respect your opinion when you're always wrong?


7. Are you serious?

Now, this may be your opportunity to turn things around. Take the high road. Swallow your pride and pretend the entire thing was a joke. Let it go.

It also doesn't hurt to have some sort of gift on hand...maybe some chocolates? Ya know, whatever.

8. Is this real life?

9. Is this a joke?

10. And that's my problem because?


11. Are you kidding?

12. Who do you think you're talking to?

13. I don't understand how you don't understand.

not a question, but you can 100% expect to hear it 45 of 45 1/2 times.

14. Do you think I'm stupid?


15. Oh, so you think I'm dumb?

16. But why?**

17. Why though?**

18. Why?**

** denotes terms used in immediate succession, with no breaths taken in between syllables.

19. Soooo??


20. You got me FUCKED up.

Again, not a question but YOU'LL HEAR IT.

21. Are you finished?

22. Are you done?


23. Is it my turn?

This question is 100% rhetorical.

24. Can I talk?

Saw that one comin from a mile away.

In conclusion: You better bring your A game next time you wanna stir the pot with a Saucy Sweetheart because GUESS WHAT SCRUB


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