28 Images That Depict The Barest Of Humanity

Humanity is universal.

These 28 images have gone viral on Chinese social media and are still making their rounds.

The original source is unknown. I have roughly translated all descriptions into English. It’s time for the English-speaking audience to get a taste of them.


When you blindly follow someone’s direction to keep going, you may end up falling and plunging into the deepest pain.


There are no friends but only advantages which come with the friendship that last forever.


Many of us look good on the outside but have already been zombified deep inside.


When I’m holding these bricks, I won’t be able to hold you. But when I put these bricks down, I won’t be able to support you.


Your world is going to stay black & white if you don’t give yourself a shot.


You want me to fly when you cut my wings off in the very first place.


Sometimes, you don’t realize how much the words that come from your mouth can hurt.


I handed you my heart but you killed me with your look of ice.


An evil heart is far more terrifying than an evil appearance.


We will no longer be the pure human minds we once were when we grow up.


Are you sure you can handle the way how people judge and look at you differently?


Are you aware whether you have an angel or a monster by your side?


It’s not the age, but the heart which stays young, that matters.


My teacher told me everyone begins the race at the same starting line, I wonder if it’s true…


Your intimate other now has no clue when darkness approaches. The other you’ve abandoned sees it coming but can’t find a way to get to you.


All the men can see from the women are the women’s bottoms.


When a man’s freedom is taken away from him, no matter how nicely the woman is treating him, he wants to get out of it.


When you are being calculative on someone, someone else is also being calculative on you.


The rich always make their money from the working class.


The women who rely solely on the men will eventually tip and fall one day.


The kid who seeks freedom looks up to the sky, but is not seeing reality.


Even though the angel is actually by your side, you end up listening to the devil.


Life is like a play, you won’t know how fantastic you did until it’s time for the curtain call.


The well-rounded men move faster but also fall faster on a downhill.


Sometimes, what you see is not what you get.


Never give up on your dreams.


There is an unconditionally devoted woman behind every successful man; There is also a man, who spoils his woman, behind every self-centered woman.


You will only find out about it the day you take off your ring… marry me.

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