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    • Alaskanascif13

      No freaking duh. We are at the top of the food chain because we are the deadliest, i am a hunter and I know about controlling population. i said we are at the top because we are the deadliest and we control everything. Everyone is insulting Melissa, and everyone is insulting eachother, so I am no different from the rest. i understand the concepts pretty well and melissa probably wrote a nice big fat check. The rage is at the Lion being killed but also the other animals as well, predator and preyed animals. I know about balance in the ecosystem, everything serves its purpose. Insulting is never the way we go but we all do it in different contexts no matter how our response is given. Its the people that get offended that are insulted. I am not insulted, I just look at the reality. I am not a perfect person, I do not have all the answers. We all feel killing and death is measured differently in regards to the apex, humans and so on down the chain. If they were lizards or mice in science we don’t tend to care as much. yeah it is way different compared to a lion, that didn’t have a need to die, since it is a predator not in abundance. I am sure Melissa probably did a little bit of studying before going out to kill a lion, and took precautions before she killed the last one on earth. But this is the world we live, and there are more important things to worry about out there, But we live in an imperfect world with imperfect people. Some will agree on things and others will disagree. Its hard to be united, but in time we will be hopefully on the more important things. Just blabbing now, fill free to respond, if not I will not lose sleep over it.

    • Alaskanascif13

      Sounds like not many people in these posts have ever hunted before. Hehe. If you don’t like animals being shot, then don’t eat animals no matter what they are or abundance on the earth. Hunting is a privilege, for sport and for food. We do it because we are in the top of the food chain. Animals that kill other animals don’t always eat what they kill, should we be finding those animals and calling them a monster and trying to kill them. Animals take trophies too. So what if she takes picture of her trophies, they are her memories and experiences, that she wants to share by posting them. I am from Alaska where we hunt for food and for trophies all of the time. I guess I am a monster to. There are just too many weak, sad people that this country has molded into. . Her picture were not gruesome or bad. She is a hunter and that is what she does.

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