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    Possible Reasons The Koch Brothers Delayed $100k Of Mark Begich Attack Ads

    Last week the Koch Brothers-funded Americans for Prosperity bought $100k in Alaska TV ads attacking U.S. Senator Mark Begich. Then the Koch Brothers announced the closure of an Alaska refinery while Americans for Prosperity repeatedly delayed their attack ads. Here's nine possible reasons why the Koch Brothers are delaying their attack ads Alaska:

    1. They're Looking For An Alaskan To Be In The Ad

    Americans for Prosperity got panned for running an ad with an actress from Maryland playing an Alaskan.

    2. They Just Closed An Alaska Refinery


    The Koch Brothers just announced the closure of the Flint Hills refinery in North Pole, Alaska eliminating 80 jobs.

    3. Their "Local" Americans For Prosperity Chapter Thinks They're A Problem

    The "local" group admitted closing the Koch-owned refinery is a problem for Interior Alaska.

    4. The Kochs Just Fired 80 Alaskans


    While spending millions on political ads nationwide

    5. Alaska Republicans Are Pissed At The Koch Brothers

    Via Facebook

    Elected Republicans from Interior Alaska, like State Representative Doug Isaacson, are "LIVID" the Kochs closed the Flint Hill refinery

    6. Outside Groups Are Too Liberal For Joe Miller


    "...they don't want another Ted Cruz in the Senate." --Joe Miller on Outside groups

    7. Mead Treadwell Hasn't "Certified" The Ad


    Mead Treadwell DID claim responsibility for certifying new invasive regulations on women's health that had been rejected by the state legislature

    8. They Are Still Confused About Their Dan Sullivans

    It's tough to buy a Senate seat when there's two politicians with the same name

    9. They Mistakenly Put Elvi Gray-Jackson In Their Ad

    "Anti-women" U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan got ripped for putting a local elected official in a webvideo without her permission

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