This Woman Learned Her Mom Had Been Keeping A Beautiful Secret From Her Dad And It'll Make You Emotional

    "I can't wait to find a love like this"

    This is Rocio Andujo, 21, from Texas. She's currently working as a server and is attending college.

    And here are Rocio's parents, Rosalia and Robert. They've been together for 27 years.

    Rocio said: "[Of] all of the marriages I’ve seen my parents are one of my favorites & not [because] they’re my parents but because I see how much respect they have for each [other]."

    She added: "My mom always knew my dad was a ladies' man & wouldn’t really take any girl serious so she always rejected him... because she didn’t want to be just another girl on his list (her words).

    "After a year & months of my dad chasing after my mom & trying to get a chance with her she finally gave him a chance since she saw that he kept insisting and insisting even after she would reject him."

    She went on: "Well all that rejecting my dad made my dad fall over heels... people would always ask my mom what she did to my dad because he changed so much with my mom in a good way.

    "Everyone could see how in love my dad was with my mom and everyone would get surprised because they had never seen my dad so in love with a girl before."

    Which is cute. But the story's about to get cuter...

    One day, Rocio made a discovery. It turned out her mom had kept every flower that her dad had given her, back from when they were boyfriend and girlfriend.

    My mom kept most of the flowers my dad would pick/give her from when they were bf/gf 😩😂 I love them.

    "No one knew my mom had kept those flowers. She also still has the first bouquet of roses he gave her," she said.

    Rocio's dad also saw them for the first time the day Rocio did. "He was so shocked and happy," she said.

    People love it.

    @RocioAndujo Oh my goodness I’m crying, I love this!!!

    And they're sharing flowers from loved ones that they've preserved.

    @RocioAndujo So cute! I put the first flowers my man gave me in a shadow box 😍

    @RocioAndujo Last flower, last book, last partner.

    @RocioAndujo With the first flowers that my boyfriend gave me. I had a huge bouquet and didn’t want to throw my flowers away

    @RocioAndujo i pressed & framed the first flowers my boyfriend got me, it was the same day he asked me to be his gf 💕

    (Also, they're pointing out how hot Rocio's parents are. 🔥)

    @RocioAndujo both aged like fine wine!!! 😍

    But mostly, they're just moved.

    maybe love does exist

    "I hope everyone gets to see more about my post so they can bring back all those romantic gestures & pure love that doesn’t really exist anymore," said Rocio.

    it’s little things like this i cherish and 100% will do with my significant other


    I can’t wait to find a love like this