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This Teen Snapchatted The Week A Baby Squirrel Became His Homie And It's Adorable

Animal friendship goals.

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The two made friends for a week and Smitka put the whole experience on Snapchat, where his followers loved it. Smitka told BuzzFeed: "I would put him in trees but he would always follow me back inside."

I'll never forget the day I met this baby squirrel. Hope you're doing big things now. You weren't just a squirrel t…

Sadly, Wilson is currently missing in action. Smitka said: "Usually he would be waiting for me on the tree if I would leave or something but... one day I never saw him again 💔 "

However, he thinks Wilson's OK because his dad spotted him. Maybe he just needed some time to grow. If they have a reunion, we'll be all over it.

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