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This Teen Snapchatted The Week A Baby Squirrel Became His Homie And It's Adorable

Animal friendship goals.

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Here's Jake Smitka, 19, from Amsterdam, New York, with his friend Wilson, a baby squirrel.

The two made friends for a week and Smitka put the whole experience on Snapchat, where his followers loved it. Smitka told BuzzFeed: "I would put him in trees but he would always follow me back inside."

I'll never forget the day I met this baby squirrel. Hope you're doing big things now. You weren't just a squirrel t…

"I fed him grapes and nuts and he drank water... And he would chill on my shoulder... he would just sit up top and look all around, especially when I drove. He loved looking out," he said.

Sadly, Wilson is currently missing in action. Smitka said: "Usually he would be waiting for me on the tree if I would leave or something but... one day I never saw him again 💔 "

However, he thinks Wilson's OK because his dad spotted him. Maybe he just needed some time to grow. If they have a reunion, we'll be all over it.

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