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Here's How The Internet Responded To The Most Ridiculous Day In British Politics Since Yesterday

*Retreats back into bunker*

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Good evening. When last we left you, British politics was in crisis.

There was anger over promises that had apparently been broken.

How many Bexiters does it take to change a light bulb? "I never said there was a light bulb"

And carnage in our two main political parties.

British people following British politics right now like

Oh, and the economy appeared to be screwed.

Best Brexit joke heard so far: 'At least Raheem is no longer the only underperforming Sterling in the UK'.

Well, today...

...things got worse. The resignations continued, and Jeremy Corbyn had to dig up some new shadow ministers.

THICK OF IT ALERT: Labour source: Clive Lewis, is apparently on is way back from Glastonbury and may not make his first Defence Questions!

Corbyn unveils new shadow minister for agriculture.

He promised us surprises...

...and people took the piss.

Surprising names

However, by midday there was some GOOD NEWS (for players of resignation bingo).

This also happened, and it's literally impossible to make a joke about it, but it genuinely happened.

Press release from a victorious Leave.EU campaign telling their opponents to piss off.

No wonder journalists were getting confused.

Giles Coren's mum writes to the Times to complain about his reporting

Like, really confused.

Just door stepped an entirely innocent member of the public in the mistaken belief she was the shadow Welsh secretary. How's YOUR day going?

A nation's newsrooms respond to the news someone called Alex Cunningham has resigned

Fortunately, the government announced it had a Brexit plan! It involved a SPECIAL UNIT, and it was bound to be a roaring success.

Even if it was led by the MP who once put a load of constituents' letters in a park bin.

By this point, the resignations were actually getting boring.

Too many long, wordy shadow cabinet resignation letters. I propose they do it either by gif or emoji from now on.

To the point where journalists were even offering advice.

Viral tips for Labour MPs writing resignations in search of RTs: Make it shorter, think how it looks on mobile, screengrab it in landscape.

At the end of the day, we had a debate in the House of Commons, which really cleared things up.

And tonight, Labour will be meeting!

Rare candid photo of the Parliamentary Labour Party all hanging out together

Welcome to Britain. Where even the wildlife is getting pissed off.

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