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A Guy Has Been Posting Photos Of The Childhood Beds Adults Sleep In While Home For Christmas

One of the most heartwarming annual traditions on British Twitter.

A few years ago, writer Rhodri Marsden was visiting his parents for Christmas.

NEW WINNER RT @jamesrbuk: @rhodri I am 26:

He tells BuzzFeed: "I was just lying in this single bed with an unpleasant duvet in a rather austere room in my parents' house and thought, 'I bet I'm not the only one.'"

"So I took a picture and tweeted it. And then these pictures started coming back at me."

I’m going to have to source some prizes. RT @SeanWHughes: @rhodri I am 44 years old. And single.

"For some reason they seem to collectively convey the spirit of Christmas without having any Christmassy stuff in them whatsoever."

Upping the ante RT @stackee: @jamesrbuk @rhodri I'm not faring much better (I'm 28)

"Just bad duvets, unpleasant curtains, and deflating airbeds."

No idea if it's real, don't particularly care. RESULT. RT @chegchenko: @rhodri Yep

And thus one of the greatest annual traditions on British internet was born.

We have a front-runner. RT @jamesrbuk: @rhodri I offer ye this:

This is pretty much one of the Christmasiest things you'll see.

No, mum. No. RT @andywelch81: @rhodri duvet cover’s ok. But the pillowcase… My mum does it to piss me off.

A strong early contender. Cretaceous! RT @samuelpalin: @rhodri it'll pick up as the sherries go down. This is me:

*hyperventilates* RT @DaleyAFC: @rhodri This is my bed.

This is my bed tonight and in no way does that make me depressed about my life *reaches for Prozac* Merry Christmas

@rhodri am i the only person sleeping in a kitchen?!

This one's for @rhodri. I'm basically in storage. #singlebeds

@rhodri this is where my 92 yr old mother will sleep this holiday.

And which is Marsden's favourite picture?

And so, here we are. A single bed, a floral duvet, and my mum has ensured that I won’t be Lonely This Christmas.

Well, that would be this one.

Rhodri Marsden

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