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Here's Conclusive Proof That Teens Still LOVE Ed Miliband

Please enjoy the happiest five-second video you'll see today.

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Here's Ed Miliband just hanging out with Rachel, 18, from London.

Rachel told BuzzFeed that she and her friends spotted him in north London. She said: "Me and my squad started to chat to him and he was chatting back – then we all started Snapchatting with him 😭 😂"

She said the MP was "really lovely" and "asked us all about what subjects we were doing [in school] and if we enjoyed them".

The teenager said all her friends love Ed Miliband, and you only need to check out the replies to her tweet for proof of that...

@_rachelox_ I love him soooo much

@cescaaar_ me too man he's an angel

@beatomlinson_ @_rachelox_ @ellen_paterson @helenmegone @AEddershaw AWWWWHHHHH <3

@_rachelox_ @heythereitsash_ man like ed😂😂

Rachel said: "I think he was really portrayed badly by the news but I like the fact he still manages to be a really humble and nice person despite it. How many politicians do you know would be OK being surrounded by a group of excited sixth-formers?"

She added: "Imagine David Cameron in that situation. Actually, let's not."

Though all her friends clearly miss Ed, she said that they also like Labour's new leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

She also wanted to say "big up cotch squad!" and send a hello to her mum and dad, so...

Shout-out to Rachel's mum and dad!

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