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Google's New Robot Dog Is The Creepiest Thing You've Ever Seen

Not that Skynet is here or anything but Skynet is totally here.

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So this is the most disturbing Vine you'll see today.

But this whole video is pretty insane.

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Back in 2013 Google bought Boston Dynamics.

The company is a military robotics contractor. In 2008 this video of the company's BigDog, which is designed to carry equipment across difficult terrain, went viral. And Spot is a smaller version of that.

Spot apparently navigates his way around using a head-mounted sensor.

There's no press release, and very little text on the YouTube video, so we don't really know what Spot's main role is supposed to be.

Though we do know that if Spot wants to chase you up some stairs, he'll totally chase you up some stairs, so there's that to be afraid of.

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