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    People Are Really Losing It Over The Stentorian Oratory Of This Tory MP

    I will pay good money for this man to voice my satnav.

    This is Geoffrey Cox. He's the attorney general and also the MP for Torridge and West Devon.

    On Wednesday, just before Theresa May was due to take to the stage at the Conservative Party Conference, he was the warm-up act. Few people had heard him address an audience before. And frankly, this guy absolutely nailed it.

    *wraps union jack around head, runs into street screaming at strangers*

    No one really listened to what he was saying — they just let his thunderous declarations wash over them like a warm bath.

    honestly has Brexit ever sounded more noble

    This was some of the finest oratory seen at Tory conference. I mean, the bar was quite low, but still.

    BRB I'm off to scream DEBATE ME at the windows of the European parliament.

    It was all rather unexpected.

    OK, this is a bit bonkers, but Geoffrey Cox is currently giving one of the all time great conference speeches.

    People wondered where he'd been hiding.

    Why have the Tories not deployed Geoffrey Cox before? He has Boris-like abilities to rouse an audience. Amazing performance.

    The comparisons came thick and fast.

    Geoffrey Cox hasn’t even finished speaking yet and he’s already been compared to: * Gandalf * Mufasa * Brian Blessed * Picard * Simon Callow * Tom Baker * An Evil Richard Burgon

    Attorney General Geoffrey Cox sounds exactly like he's telling a horror story on 1940s tv.

    Geoffrey Cox already nicknamed Mufasa in the Hall.

    Watching Geoffrey Cox talking about Brexit feels surprisingly like watching Brian Blessed delivering one of the great Shakespearean monologues.

    “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” - Geoffrey Cox #CPC18

    Geoffrey Cox's voice is just amazing. Like Vincent Price in Thriller.

    People wondered if maybe he was wasting his time as an MP.

    Geoffrey Cox needs to do a side line voicing audio books and satnav directions

    Honestly, someone just give Cox Theresa May’s text and let him read it. Also, a career in advertising voiceovers surely beckons.

    All in all, it gave Theresa May a pretty tough act to follow.

    Geoffrey Cox: "Methinks I see in my mind a noble and puissant nation rousing herself like a strong man after sleep, shaking her invincible locks. Methinks I see her as an eagle mewing her mighty youth, kindling her undazzled eyes at the full midday beam." Theresa May: "Cough."