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Nicki Minaj Would Like The Media To Know That Yes, Actually, She Can Smile

It's almost like she feels there's an agenda here.

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Yesterday, Nicki Minaj and Farrah Abraham from "Teen Mom" got in something of a twitterspat.

A twitterspat that, as well as some rather fruity language, contained this marvellous use of "dingbat" as an insult.

And the next day, it was covered in the media.

And Minaj saw that a lot of the tweets about it had something in common.

No smiling photos of me in your archives? 😬 @1027KIISFM ~ lol smh

They always manage to find a smiling photo of the "other" team. 😬

So she decided to put things straight.

Then she retweeted some pictures of her smiling.

Forever in love with this lady and her smile 😍😍😍

I can tweet a lot of Nicki's smile 😘😘😘😘😍❤️

And also one that categorically wasn't her...

Jared, here I am smiling again. I love me some Jared

Wait was that... Jada Pinkett Smith?

And concluded:

They don't wanna see u out here showing them teeth & them dimples 🔑

Previously, of course, Minaj got into a row with Taylor Swift over a tweet many took to be about the structured racism of the music industry, and during it faved tweets referring to the portrayal of "angry blackness" in the media.

So, here is an important GIF.

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