Posted on Dec 4, 2015

    ITV News Apologises After Using Footage Of Ainsley Harriott To Cover Lenny Henry's Knighthood

    Well, this is awkward.

    During today's ITV News lunchtime broadcast, footage of celebrity chef Ainsley Harriott found its way into a package about comedian Lenny Henry's knighthood.

    @itvnews Can I ask why you used footage of Ainsley Harriot in you segment about Sir Lenny Henry being knighted?

    The clip has now been pulled from the show's ITV+1 airing and was not posted by the broadcaster online.

    Guessing ITV are quite embarrassed about the Lenny Henry/Ainsley Harriott gaffe - this was on +1 during the report.

    Some Twitter users registered their anger that such a mistake should have been made given the comedian's commitment to increasing diversity in the media.

    Imagine working so hard to build a platform from which to talk about minorities in the media only for ITN to mistake you for Ainsley Harriot

    The irony of ITV news getting Sir Lenny Henry and Ainsley Harriot mixed up speaks volumes about the "diversity" agenda...😫😶

    Others decided to mock the broadcaster.

    RT @itvnews: Lenny Henry, after being presented with his knighthood

    Hey @itvnews do you think this dog looks like Lenny Henry?

    Congratulations Lenny Henry on your Knighthood. ITV captures his hip-hop era

    RT MoneerElfwick: 'itvnews: Lenny Henry, emotional after receiving his knighthood.'

    ITV pretty sure they've got the right Lenny Henry this time

    Lenny Henry just got a new suit to see the queen

    Pretty soon even politicians were taking the piss.

    Congratulations @LennyHenry on your Knighthood. You look younger too! @itvnews

    A spokesperson for ITV News said: "ITV News apologises for the error broadcast in the lunchtime news package today regarding Sir Lenny Henry's knighthood at the palace. This was the result of an error in the production process in a piece intended to celebrate Sir Lenny's significant achievements in British entertainment."

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