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A Guy Asked The Internet To Make Him Smile And The Results Were Delightful

This is rather splendid.

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It's been a rubbish week. Nick Harvey, a musician from Crowborough, knows this. So he asked the internet to make him smile. Here's what happened.

Let's try to lift the mood. Has anything happened recently that made you smile? Any good news / random acts of kindness / funny stories?

There were random acts of kindness...

@mrnickharvey my lovely neighbours made us chocolate cake for no reason, even though they were on Ramadan.

@mrnickharvey I received three unexpected gifts from people wishing me well during cancer treatment, it's the small things ...

...random acts of not-so-much kindness...

@mrnickharvey Fell down the stairs at the overground and an old woman went into full hysterics so I guess I made her day.

...heartwarming short stories with a beginning, middle, and end...

@mrnickharvey yelled at for loitering outside OAPs garden, explained was just taking photo cos it was pretty, apologised & made me a cuppa


@mrnickharvey It was my mum's 90th birthday last Saturday. Here she is with her amazing cake.

...simple pleasures...

@mrnickharvey A client at work called me young lady (I'm 47! 😃)

@mrnickharvey today is my 10th wedding (or civil partnership as it was then) and we are few days away from 25 years together #lovewins

@mrnickharvey My California poppies are blooming. I love orange.

@mrnickharvey met up with a friend to soothe her pre job interview nerves. She drew this to say thanks :-) #Adulting

...even simpler pleasures...

@mrnickharvey saw like 4 dogs this morning

...(i.e. dogs)...

@mrnickharvey This happy idiot and his stick.

@mrnickharvey Tilly is happy she was rescued from the dog's home.

@mrnickharvey These idiots did not roll in poo today.

...misheard lyrics...

@mrnickharvey 8yr old started singing "Don't stop me now I'm having such a good time, I've summoned a mole!" To the Queen song.

...children being children...

@mrnickharvey My 5yo said that he preferred snails to slugs because they had a handle to pick them up with.

@mrnickharvey My daughter announced to everyone in the vet's waiting room yesterday that she's going to be a genie when she grows up

@mrnickharvey my grandson was telling me he wants to be an aeroplane when he grows up!

@mrnickharvey my 1-year-old just sneezed & I laughed. He's now followed it up with 23 fake sneezes clearly thinking he's an amazing comedian

...kind of...actually beautiful things?...

@mrnickharvey my parents bought some caterpillars and grew them into butterflies and my 4yo nephew let them free yesterday and it was just 😍


@mrnickharvey the time my daughter made a space rocket.

@mrnickharvey My dad thought he'd had a stroke. But he'd just slept on his arm. Haha.

@mrnickharvey Last night, as the doors opened I was caught by six people taking a photo of myself eating an ice cream in a lift


When life is tough, remember a town in Norway built a staircase solely for ducks to get out the water @mrnickharvey


@mrnickharvey this was quite a nice moment to be honest

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