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Teens Are Freaking About How Hard Their GCSE Biology Exam Was

"What is an independent business?"

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It's become a tradition. When the name of an exam is trending, it means the shit's about to hit the fan.

When we did exams we read dua in the morning, these lot get their exams trending. #aqabiology

Today, it was the AQA Biology GCSE.

Can a white blood cell please come and engulf me before this exam #aqabiology

People weren't confident.

#aqabiology if we have something about the carbon cycle I'm going to die and contribute to it

'May the grade boundaries be forever in your favour' #aqabiology

Probably going to be me when I open this exam paper 🙄 #aqabiology

Am I passing the Biology GCSE today? #aqabiology

And it turns out they might have been right to be.

I want a refund for the £2.50 i spent on a revision guide which included nothing that was in the exam #aqabiology

Can we have a moment of silence for all of the people who actually revised the b1 specification #aqabiology

Me looking for the biology questions in the biology exam #aqabiology

There was a question about underage drinking.

Think the percentage of the amount of alcohol 15 year olds drink will be a lot higher after that exam #aqabiology

when you realise AQA know that 15 year olds are getting pissed 😝#aqabiology

People were particularly freaked out by a question about an independent business.

'What is an independent business?' #aqabiology

looking for that correlation between independent companies and GCSE biology #aqabiology

i didn't realise "helping you through exam changes" meant they were changing the bio exam to business #aqabiology

No really. WTAF.

And another one about...drunk rats?

I learnt the carbon cycle, menstrual cycle and everything about vaccinations only to be asked about pissed up rats #AQABiology #gcsebiology

when I opened the paper and saw the question about drunk rats #aqabiology

Feel sorry for the people who go down to the Pub to find this #aqabiology

" Scientists tested on rats by giving them alcohol " 😫 #aqabiology

In summary:

Summing up #aqabiology: We are all getting malaria Rats love the bevs All 15 year olds are alcoholics Horse's feet look like a schlong

It sounds like some of the drastic tactics they were suggesting didn't quite come off.

everyone do badly so the grade boundaries go down, much love X #aqabiology

if I die during the exam, not only will my year pass, but decomposers will feed on me, break me down and release CO₂ #aqabiology

anyone willing to take one for the team today? #aqabiology

They were especially stressed about the six mark question.

#aqabiology i swear if the 6 mark question is about cloning/genetic engineering i'll walk out

#aqabiology me if I see a 6 mark question on auxins

If the 6 mark question is on the carbon cycle #aqabiology

if the 6 mark question is about GM crops #aqabiology

I swear that if the #AQAbiology 6 mark question is on cloning I will personally go to AQA HQ and stab them in their spleen with my pen

No wonder there were a few people feeling pretty smug today.

#aqabiology when you're edexcel 😊

Never forget:


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