This Teen Says She Got Fired From Her Job Over A Tweet Before She’d Even Started

Social-media training lesson of the day.

1. So here’s Twitter user Cellla_.

She was apparently about to start a job she doesn’t want to do – working at a pizzeria.

2. Except, the next day…she wasn’t.

3. And here’s why.

4. Looks like someone told on her.

5. And her boss wasn’t over the moon about it.

6. Still, she doesn’t seem too upset about it.

I haven't honestly scrolled down my Twitter TL since yesterday morning😂

— Cella☀️ (@Cellla_)

7. Some people think it was harsh…

@Cellla_ you were exercising your freedom of speech and never mentioned the company name so you got fired for no reason, contact HR asap

— The Preacher Says (@BITTHEBIGAPPLE)

8. But mostly people are just like…

Hey @Cellla_ how?

— Hennything Goes (@StickmanMike)

9. Remember, kids: Twitter is a public place.

@Robertwaple @Cellla_ how you get fired over Twitter

— Zachary (@ZacharysDick)

There were some questions over the veracity of Robert Waple’s Twitter account due to his low number of followers and tweets, but initial research suggests this did actually happen. BuzzFeed News has reached out to both parties to make sure.

11. Although it looks like we might have to wait a while for a reply from Waple.

Made my point today. I'll check in again in 6 years.

— Robert waple (@Robertwaple)

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