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Here's How That Guy Nailed A Ridiculously Hard Question In No Time On "University Challenge"

Read this post and become a pub LEGEND. H/T Unilad.

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You might have seen Magdalen Oxford's captain, Hugh Binnie, laying the smack down this week.

"What day of the week will it be 100 days after Monday?"


But it's actually much more simple than it seems.

What day will it be seven days from Monday? It'll be Monday again. And eight days from Monday will be Tuesday, and nine days will be Wednesday, and so on.

So what about 23 days after Monday, say? Well that'll be 3 x 7 = 21, plus 2, so that's a Wednesday.

Likewise the answer to this question is 100 / 7 = 14 with two days left over – so that's Wednesday.

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