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The Father Of Alan Kurdi, Drowned Syrian Boy, Delivers Heartbreaking Christmas Message

Abdullah Kurdi appealed for empathy for those caught up in the refugee crisis.

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Abdullah Kurdi, the father of a Syrian boy who drowned while sailing to Greece from Turkey, delivered a heartbreaking Christmas message Friday.

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The images of 3-year-old Alan Kurdi lying lifeless on a Turkish beach shocked the world and personalised the horror of the refugee crisis.

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The pictures appeared all over newspaper front pages.

U.K. newspapers choose to confront decision-makers and public with tragedy and outrage during breakfast

In the message, which was broadcast on Christmas Day at 3:35 p.m. (U.K. time) on U.K. news Channel 4, Kurdi called for empathy and understanding for those caught up in the refugee crisis.

Yasin Akgul / AFP / Getty Images

He said: "My message is I'd like the whole world to open its doors to Syrians. If a person shuts a door in someone's face, this is very difficult. When a door is opened they no longer feel humiliated."

Yasin Akgul / AFP / Getty Images
Alan and his brother Galip

Alan and his brother Galip

"At this time of year I would like to ask you all to think about the pain of fathers, mothers and children who are seeking peace and security," he said.

"We ask just for a little bit of sympathy from you."

The message was interspersed with footage of the refugee crisis and of dangerous Mediterranean crossings from Libya to Italy and from Turkey to Greece.

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