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    Literally Just 9 Nice Things That People Have Done Since Brexit

    Britain's actually alright sometimes! No, really.

    1. In West London, this happened.

    Londoners turn up with gifts at Polish centre vandalised with xenophobic graffiti

    2. This woman gave all her neighbours Maltesers.

    My immediate neighbour (lovely polish lady) upstairs was almost in tears when she saw this this morning πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‡πŸ’œ

    Pryce told BuzzFeed: "I was brought up right 😊"

    3. A woman decided to leave presents for her neighbours and they gave her gifts from their home countries in return.

    Facebook: craftyshona

    4. Shortly after cards calling Polish people "vermin" were handed out in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, someone left free roses out for immigrants in Bristol.

    I just love Bristol and this is why. My walk down Gloucester Road has brightened my day @MarvinJRees

    5. London's mayor broke his Ramadan fast with two religious leaders.

    London Mayor Sadiq Khan breaks Eid fast with the Archbishop and the Chief Rabbi. I love this picture so much.

    6. A couple adopted this puppy and called it "Brexit".

    Jane Warner / SWNS
    Jane Warner / SWNS

    Daniel and Jane Warner from Sevenoaks picked up this Shih-Tzu - Jack Russell cross 12 hours after Britain voted to leave the EU. Daniel told SWNS news agency: "I do not feel we will forget Brexit – and we will not be holding her name against the puppy – although I may hold it against some of my friends."

    7. This poster referencing the fact that Polish fighters fought in the Battle of Britain was found pinned to the door of the Welsh Polish Association in Llanelli.

    Amid the nonsense a lovely poster anonymously pinned to the Polish Association Office in #Llanelli

    8. A group of parents at a Northampton primary school are planning to give flowers to all the other mothers to show that the town should should stand together in the wake of Brexit.

    Northampton Chronicle

    9. Two young Italians received a letter from their neighbour telling them they were "so welcome" in the UK.

    Italian couple living in London feel 'less lost' thanks to neighbour's heartwarming letter

    This is awful news this morning but I hope you realise that you are so welcome here, that you give so much to London by choosing to live here and that I hope you will stay and be part of the city for many, many years. David.

    Alan White is a news editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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