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    25 Universal Horrors Of Hair Removal

    Whether you wax, shave, tweeze, laser, thread or what have you, it's an endless cycle of despair.

    1. It's the easiest thing in the world to slip and nick yourself while shaving.

    2. ...which results in literally hours of bloodshed.

    3. Razor blades cost an ungodly amount of money.


    4. Waxing yourself can result in disaster.

    'Sup, eyebrow?

    5. (And you never realize how important eyebrows are until they're gone.)

    6. But having someone else wax you can cause disastrous miscommunication.

    7. Or untold pain and suffering.

    8. Even just deciding to shave in the first place is a long, dragged-out process.

    AK Tettenborn / Via

    9. Especially if it happens to be cold out.

    10. THIS.

    11. This is a legitimate concern.

    Among, you know, others.

    12. Stubble is one of the planet's itchiest, most insidious evils.

    13. Tweezers are amazing at disappearing right when you need them.

    "Cool, guess me and my ingrown hair are going on this first date together after all."

    14. When you do manage to find your tweezers, it's a little too easy to get overzealous.

    Hey sperm brows, nice to see you here.

    15. Razor commercials are a festival of lies.

    16. Shaving cream always seems to come out all at once.

    17. Which is totally what THE MAN wants.

    Seems legit.

    18. And then there's ~LASERS~.

    groupon are you crazy if i had laser hair i would never get it removed

    lauren ashley bishop


    groupon are you crazy if i had laser hair i would never get it removed

    / Via

    19. For which you have to undergo about a million sessions.

    20. And hand over your life savings.

    21. But depilatory creams tend to smell like something died.

    22. It always feels like hair grows exactly where you don't want it.

    23. And doesn't grow at all where you DO want it.

    24. *Everyone* has opinions re: your own personal body hair.

    Your shit, your choice (which also includes not removing any hair whatsoever, natch).

    25. Just when everything is smooth and delightful...

    Nickelodeon / Via all grows back again.

    Nikola Vukovic / Via


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