17 Times Eyeliner Was The Work Of Satan

My left eye looks perfect! Can’t wait to screw up the right.

1. When you have to get somewhere in a hurry.

2. When someone bumps into you and you have no choice but to slaughter them.

3. When you have to do the other eye.

4. When you’re freaking the eff out.

5. When emotions happen.

6. Any time you blink.

7. When it decides to migrate.

8. When you overdo it.

9. Like, really overdo it.

10. When you have to call in consultants.

11. When this is literally you.

winged eyeliner on point 👌💁

— White V Black Twitta (@WhiteVsBlackTwt)

12. When your whole day depends on it.

13. When it’s an environmental disaster.

14. When you give up and just start drawing other stuff with your eyeliner instead.

15. When you sneeze and the world ends.

16. When the world turns against you.

making my eyeliner wings so big i can fly away from all my problems

— & (@amyygray)

17. When you just cannot.


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