23 Things That Would Happen If Knitters Ran The World

    Vogue Knitting Live is an enormous convention that takes place in New York, Seattle, and Chicago every year. It's basically prom, Pinterest, and paradise for knitters all rolled into one.

    1. There would be beautiful, colorful yarn as far as the eye could see.

    2. Real food would be totally passé in the face of crocheted food.

    3. (Which would be OK because look how happy it is).

    4. People would gather from around the country...

    5. ...and from across the globe.

    6. Enormous doilies would threaten to overwhelm the entire earth.

    7. Mermaids would be mos def real.

    8. Knits would glow as if lit by an inner light.

    9. Famous writers would come together to discuss their love for knitting.

    10. Every animal would breathe a sigh of relief, because their pelts would no longer be hunted.

    11. Games of chess would become wildly imaginative flights of fancy.

    12. Barbie and Candy Crush would be replaced by these lovingly hand-knit toys.

    By Anna Hrachovec, who's also responsible for the teeny-tiny denizens of Mochimochi Land.

    13. Plunging your toilet would stop being the worst.

    14. Nature would take a cue from its fibrous friends.

    This incredible garden was created by the ridiculously talented crafters of Colorful Stitches in Lenox, Mass.

    15. Mundane objects like film rolls and calculators would have a new lease on life.

    16. Hats would be so, so much more than mere head coverings.

    Kelly Fleek's toppers are part work of art, part cozy winter accessory, part awesomely writhe-y alien being come to rule over us all.

    17. Swants would reign supreme.

    18. Even avant-garde fashion would be knitted.

    These were on display as part of a student designer showcase and it took every last ounce of willpower not to steal the backpack.

    19. Like, extremely avant-garde.

    20. Which obviously requires knitting fashion shows.

    21. Everyone would be super willing to help you learn new skills.

    22. (No matter how hard the skill in question.)

    23. This would be the motto of every country, state, and human.