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    23 Ways To Up Your Makeup Game For New Year's Eve

    If ever there were a night meant for glitter, neon, and *~*drama*~*, this is the one.

    Justine Zweibel / BuzzFeed

    1. Layer a thin line of glitter over your eyeliner.

    Use a mixing liquid, like this one, to make the glitter stick.

    2. Line your inner rim with gold for subtle sparkle.

    3. Or if subtle isn't your thing, add a swipe of bright colored liner.

    4. Make sure your bright lipstick lasts all night by dabbing powder over a tissue to set it.

    5. For really bright neon nails, paint a white base coat first.

    6. The same is true of bright shadow.

    7. Gild the bejeezus out of your whole eye.

    Find the products used here.

    8. If ever you've wanted to try a Nicki Minaj-inspired neon look, now's the time.

    The full tutorial (lips included) can be found here.

    9. Decorate your lids with large chunks of glitter.

    Just don't get in any in your eye, for the love of god.

    10. Glitter tips are insanely easy to pull off when you use tape as a guide.

    Find out more here.

    11. Give contouring a whirl so your face glows.

    Find the full instructions here.

    12. Try false eyelashes.

    They're def not as terrifying as they might seem.

    13. Add some sparkle to your lips.

    Get the full directions here.

    14. Go full-on smokey eye.

    15. If you're bored of black, try your smokey eye in an unexpected color.

    16. Use eyeshadow to create a new nail look.

    Get the full instructions here.

    17. Frame shimmery liner with black.

    18. If you'd prefer your makeup not be running down your face by the end of the night, don't skip primer.

    Buy this one here.

    19. Setting spray is a godsend as well.

    This one is available here.

    20. Temporary tattoo eyeliner is wicked easy to apply.

    Macey Foronda / BuzzFeed

    Read alllllll about it (and its less-wieldy lipstick counterpart) here.

    21. A well-placed rhinestone (or seven) can do magic*.

    22. Paint your nails with glow-in-the-dark polish.

    Get it here (it'd also make a rad last-minute Christmas gift).

    23. Go for two-toned lipstick.

    It's just barely noticeable but makes a big impact.

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