15 Ways To Propose To Your Bridesmaids

Because your own engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party, and wedding aren’t ritual enough.

1. With a pleasant, simple card.

2. With a strongly worded but honest card.

3. With a very demanding handkerchief.

4. With paper dolls.

This looks like if the Sims were committed to paper.


Get these directions, if you’re so inclined, here.

7. With a cupcake.

I would bet all my worldly goods that that’s the Disney font.

8. With a survival kit.

For pre- and post-hangover.

9. With a message in a bottle.

10. With a bottle of wine.

12. With a wine glass.

14. With an intimate request.

15. With a rock that’s nowhere near as impressive as yours.

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