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21 Ways To Make This New Year's Eve So Much Better

Whether you're hosting a party or hitting up someone else's, ring in 2014 the right way.

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2. Count down by popping balloons every hour.

As long as there are no balloon-pop haters in the crowd. You could also use a smaller increment of time, like every 10 minutes, to heighten the DRAMA.


9. Open a bottle of champagne with a towel if you don't want the cork flying everywhere.

I know, I know, the torrent of bubbles is the best part, but you can still achieve that effect without putting someone's eye out.


17. Have everyone write their resolutions on a chalkboard or piece of paper.

Put it somewhere like the bathroom or kitchen where everyone is bound to end up at some point and try to guess whose is whose.

20. In order to make your resolutions stick, change your passwords to them.

Maybe wait until New Year's Day to do this, though, so you don't get locked out of all your accounts in a drunken haze.

21. In some states, AAA helps provide rides and towing services to people who have been drinking.


They partner with local towing companies and it varies from area to area, so check to see if it's available first.


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