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    24 Easy Ways To Get Your Home Ready For Winter


    1. Store scarves in a clear plastic shoe bag.

    You'll be able to see them all and keep them neat, rather than in a hopeless tangle.

    2. Use a curtain rod to organize winter clothes and accessories.

    Bonus: They'll dry out much more easily than if you threw them all into a messy pile.

    3. Stay warm even without a heater (or with one that works erratically).

    4. Keep an empty tissue box on hand to bind with a full one for when you get a cold.

    It makes an effortless trash can.

    5. Freeze herbs when they're at their summer best to preserve them for the winter.

    And the cubes are perfect for dropping in recipes like sauces.

    6. If you've considered switching to a Wee-Wee Pad before, this is the time to do it.

    Imagine, no more shivering in the snow while you wait for Chrysanthemum to do her business.

    7. Make a cheap and easy pebble boot tray.

    Rain and snow will drain well.

    8. Or buy one of these amazing shoe/boot warmers.

    9. Fold your sweaters instead of hanging them to avoid stretching.

    10. Keep a car mat nearby in case your tires can't get traction.

    Get this dual purpose one here.

    11. A CD case can work as an ice scraper in a pinch.

    12. Use a lighter and your key to thaw a frozen lock.

    13. Use zip ties to DIY snow tires for your bike.

    So you can have the option of leaving your house/apartment.

    14. Or hang your bike if you're not going to use it and it'll function as extra storage.

    15. If you're blessed with a patio and a garage, hang outdoor furniture from the ceiling to maximize space.

    16. Consider this alternative to sidewalk salt.

    17. Bubble wrap can insulate windows in a pinch.

    18. Sow winter plantings in milk jugs.

    19. PVC pipes are an easy way to keep gardening tools out of the way.

    Although you might need the shovel for some emergency car bailing-out. Directions here.

    20. Use dried orange or lemon peels as firestarters.

    No need to ever go outside again when you have a fire crackling pleasantly in your hearth.

    21. Use wine bottles to store your boots so they stay upright.

    22. Or pool noodles.

    23. Or magazines.

    They'll keep their shape and the leather won't crack as quickly. And your shoes will be so much more literary.

    24. Vacuum seal summer clothes for next year.

    It's a life-saving way to conserve space.