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    21 Struggles Renters Are All Too Familiar With

    "Wow, this maroon wall-to-wall carpeting sure is...festive."

    1. Appliances that have given up the will to go on.


    2. Having to contend with horrendous carpeting/linoleum/unidentified floor coverings from 1978.


    Mm, smells great too.

    3. Online listings that are riddled with downright lies.

    4. Or finding your dream listing only to refresh and find this:

    5. (Don't even start on realtors.)

    Comedy Central /

    6. No pet policies (which don't always deter the most devoted animal lovers).

    Resulting in an endless dance of lies, trickery, and shoving the litter box into the closet whenever there's an unexpected knock at the door.

    7. Light fixtures that cast you in a cold, sickly glow.


    There's some great advice for dealing with the ubiquitous "boob light" in this Apartment Therapy thread.

    8. Absentee landlords/ladies/supers who are incapable of making even the most basic repairs.


    "I'll just tape the dishwasher shut and that'll make the weird noise go away!"

    (But hey, it IS nice that it's someone else's job to fix/pay for stuff, not yours.)

    9. And if your building is run by a management company? Especially one where everyone perpetually seems to be on a lunch break? Goooooood luck.


    10. Hanging wall art with TAPE because you live in fear of stripping the paint or leaving holes.

    11. And having to prostrate yourself before the spackle gods if you do use nails or screws.


    RIP, security deposit.

    12. Being soooo excited to avail yourself of all the building has to offer, only to have your hopes dashed.

    13. Casual surprises.

    14. Wallpaper? Forget about it.

    Unless of course your place came with it already, in which case, I am deeply sorry.

    (Temporary wallpaper offers a solution, although it can be pricey.)

    15. And painting is an unimaginable dream.

    16. Having to figure out, as soon as you buy it, how you'll eventually move all your furniture back out again one day.

    Can't wait to drag this 300-pound Ikea love seat down five flights of stairs!

    17. Getting charged a ridiculous late fee if you turn in your rent even five minutes past when it was due.


    "That'll be $200, and we only accept gold ingots, please."

    18. If you're in an apartment or shared building: neighbors.

    19. Cool remnants left behind by previous tenants.


    20. Finding yourself adapting to situations you'd never before imagined.

    Or at least finding yourself considering it, for one heart-stopping moment.

    21. The feeling of throwing gobs of money into a never-ending abyss of existential despair.

    Nickelodeon /

    But hey: No matter what, a home is a home!

    It's rad to be able to pick up and go when you're ready to move on, and there are so many ways to make it yours.

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