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    20 Unexpected Uses For Your Beauty Products

    Think your deodorant is just deodorant? Oh, how wrong you are.

    Chris Ritter/BuzzFeed

    1. Deodorant is a great on-the-go mattifier for your face.

    Alanna Okun/BuzzFeed

    According to makeup artist Gucci Westman.

    2. Use your hair dryer to instantly defog your bathroom mirror.

    3. Use your flat iron to make big, bouncy curls.

    4. For faster waves, twist your hair into a ponytail and flat-iron the whole thing.

    5. Mascara wands make the ultimate brow tamer.

    Buy a spare, clean off an old one, or if you use brown mascara on your lashes, wipe off the excess and use what remains to add a little color to your eyebrows (black will look too harsh on most people).

    6. Lip brushes make it so much easier to apply mascara to lower lashes.

    7. You can use your flat iron to lightly de-wrinkle clothes.

    Make sure it's clean and that you don't burn through your fabric.

    8. Lipstick and non-sticky glosses make subtle blush.

    Just rub it on your apples.

    9. Turn eyeshadow into nail polish.

    It's incredibly easy and a great use for overly bright colors you don't necessarily want on your face but would love to rock on your hands.

    10. Eyeshadow brushes are the perfect size for creating an ombre manicure.

    Full instructions here

    11. Makeup sponges work for ombre nails too.

    12. Shave your legs with conditioner.

    Alanna Okun/BuzzFeed

    I've been doing this for years; my legs are so much smoother and the shave lasts days longer than when I was using shaving cream. Plus, that's one more thing you don't have to buy at the drugstore.

    13. Deodorant helps prevent blisters when breaking in new shoes.

    Use a clear gel variety.

    14. Lip balm helps heal small shaving nicks.

    Be they on your legs or your face or wherever your razor may stray.

    15. Exfoliate your lips with a toothbrush.

    Coat a dry toothbrush with your favorite lip balm and go to town.

    16. Use a toothbrush to touch up your roots.

    You'll have much more control over the dye.

    17. Use your razor to depill your clothes if you're running out the door.

    18. A pumice stone will defuzz clothes as well.

    19. Use mascara as liner in an emergency*.

    *the emergency doesn't sound THAT bad tbh.

    20. Eliminate annoying razor-burn bumps with deodorant.

    Alanna Okun/BuzzFeed

    Apply deodorant after shaving and drying off. Works like a charm.

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