21 Unexpected Side Effects Of Being In A Relationship

It’s equal parts cuddling and stealing each other’s food.

1. You’re constantly looking for your favorite shirt or underwear, only to realize you left it at their place.



2. …but that’s OK, because your wardrobe magically doubles.

Hana Pesut / Via

Boyfriend jeans, boyfriend sweater, girlfriend jeggings… the world is your oyster.

3. And all of a sudden you have access to twice as much food.

“Oh wait, you’re ordering the steak? Then I’ll get the salmon and just eat some of yours!!”

4. Your dental hygiene improves considerably.

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Because someone is there to watch you brush your teeth at night and so you can’t cheat.

5. No matter what your opinion of sports, you find yourself genuinely hoping your significant other’s team wins.

Warner Bros. / Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone /

Unless they’re playing a team YOU support, in which case, let the bitterness and rivalry commence.

6. You’ve accidentally ordered food to their house at least once.

“If my mozzarella sticks are gone by the time I get there, we’re literally done.”

7. And you’ve accidentally tweeted/Facebook’d/whatever’d from their account.


8. Your Netflix recommendations get completely mixed up.

Andrew Bridgman / College Humor / Via
Andrew Bridgman / College Humor / Via

9. You start to appropriate the other person’s pop culture knowledge.

So you feel like you can participate in arguments even if you’ve never watched/read/listened to the thing in question.

10. And their booze knowledge.

Appropriate it into your gullet, that is.

11. And they start to like the stuff you like too.


12. You find yourself using their products (some of which you never knew existed) in a pinch.

And even if you’re not *totally* convinced, you can admit a good thing when you smell one.

13. (Which is why you have to buy duplicates of all your important toiletries.)


Unless you’re really with a keeper and they buy them for you.

14. Your key ring weighs like five pounds.


The keys to your place, the keys to their place, your mailbox, their bike lock, the list goes on.

15. All of a sudden you have someone who is contractually obligated* to make you coffee when you’re hungover and rub your back when it aches.


Although (clearly) you should be reciprocating.

*like, pretty much.

16. You *really* start to care about getting your side of the bed.

Not to mention exactly half the blankets, half the pillows, and the perfect spooning-to-personal-space ratio.

17. You have to explain all your kind-of-murdery-looking grooming tools to each other.




“I promise, it can’t come to life during the full moon and rip your soul from your body.”

18. The threat of Netflix cheating is all too real, and all too painful.


19. Your text history contains all kinds of gems.

20. (Because YOU CAN’T BE TAMED.)

21. You’re exposed to more bodily functions than you ever imagined.

But that’s OK, because now you can feel free to let loose with your own.

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