20 Unbelievable Gingerbread Houses You'll Want To Live In

    Anyone who eats so much as a gumdrop from one of these masterpieces is an actual monster.

    1. This stately home.

    2. This architectural marvel.

    3. This edible White House.

    4. This magical Burrow.

    5. And this slightly-less-hospitable environment.

    6. This popcorn-studded tree house.

    7. This cookie-encrusted domicile.

    8. This ark that is too adorable to even consider eating.

    9. This heartbreakingly cute "Up" house.

    10. This charming town house.

    11. This illuminated masterpiece.

    12. This cozy abode.

    13. This yummy grump.

    14. This insanely teeny lil guy.

    15. And this ridiculously large one.

    16. These Frosted Ladies

    17. This luscious model of London.

    18. This house for which "edible" has more than one meaning.

    19. Baking Bad.

    20. This exact replica.