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Here Is The Perfect DIY Gift For The Mansplainer In Your Life

Turn those actuallys into $$$.

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Chances are, you know a mansplainer.

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Maybe he butts into conversations uninvited in order to correct your pronunciation of "Thomas Pynchon"; maybe his hobbies include telling women that they missed the point of articles they wrote themselves. Maybe he just abuses that most dreaded of words — "actually" — far too often. Remember: Even the most enlightened, lovable dudes (and ladies!) can sometimes catch a case of the mansplanations.

(Here is a handy guide if you, too, would like to become a mansplainer.)

Give the jar to your mansplainer and make him put in a dollar every time he actuallys somebody.

Alanna Okun

Greater dollar amounts may be assigned to greater offenses. When he's reached a certain threshold (say, $50) or a certain date (say, his birthday), donate the money to a worthy cause (say, this one).

(This project was inspired by a friend, prone to mansplaining but still delightful, who asked that I not mention him by name but did say to "spread [the idea] like a man's legs across an entire subway bench.")