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22 Ways To Turn Your Life Into Amélie's Life

Be honest, all you've ever really wanted is to be a twee yet solitary French girl with a predilection for skipping stones.

1. First, play this.

All the time. Always. Do not stop.

2. Utilize this ingenious method of raspberry consumption.

3. Get some amazing animal-themed art.

4. Invest in a giant red patterned umbrella.

5. Savor the little details in life.

6. Know that perfume is best when you keep it in a gorgeous glass bottle.

7. And understand the power of freshly grated Parmesan.

8. Realize that sometimes sex is ridiculous.

9. But when it does get too passionate, a milk steamer will block out any noise.

10. Use your DIY skills to bring joy and hope to those around you.


If you can't quite take the plunge, try out a faux bob instead.

12. And while a well-tied headscarf might not be the most incognito disguise ever, it has a definite allure.

13. Learn to chug.

14. Or not.

15. Always have a few solid pranks up your sleeve.

16. And a cutting comeback.

17. LIFEHACK: Artichokes make ideal caviar-concealing devices.

18. A gnome is necessary.

19. Low, chunky black shoes are ideal for running all over Paris leaving clues for the object of your affection.

20. Feel your feelings.

21. But be sure to listen to the people who know you best.

22. Know that the most romantic kisses don't have to be on the mouth.