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    20 Easy Tricks To Make Living With Roommates So Much Better

    No matter how much you love them (or not), sharing space with other living humans can be tough. Well, NOT ANYMORE.

    1. Drawer + cutting board = instant counter space in a crowded kitchen.

    Don't use this as a surface for cutting since it could potentially tip over and wound you, but it's a good way to keep all your ingredients neat until it's actually time to use them.

    2. A second shower rod means you can hang a bunch of caddies and loofahs.

    It'll halt the eternal battle for shower shelf space in its tracks.

    3. And for the rest of the bathroom, an over-the-door shoe organizer adds a ton of extra storage space.

    4. To subtly signal that one of you is getting some, put clear tape over the door's keyhole.


    It's an excellent alternative to a sock or a scrunchie. (Although not, it should be said, better than simply texting and letting your roommate know they're about to come home to a bangin' fandango.)

    5. Invest in a sex fan.


    It's just like a regular fan, except that you turn it on to block out the noise of moans and creaking. It's even better etiquette if you are the sex-haver in question and turn it on yourself so your roommates don't have to.

    6. Use apps like Splitwise and Venmo to make keeping track of and splitting bills a cinch.

    Sounds like a wicked chill house.

    7. Chore charts can make the world go 'round.

    It totally varies from apartment to apartment and group to group, but having a rotating schedule can help minimize squabbling, resentment, and grout mold.

    8. This slot method works for especially large groups of roomies.

    9. And charts (be they on whiteboards or Google docs) make keeping track of who owes whom money a lot easier.

    10. Organize your entryway with a divided tray.

    Break it up into compartments for each roomie to ensure you never leave without your stuff, or accidentally with someone else's.

    11. Use nail polish to differentiate between your keys.

    12. Brush long hair before going in the shower to avoid clogged drains.

    And, more significantly, to avoid (or at least lessen) arguments over whose hair wad is the plumbing culprit.

    13. Gentle reminders help make hard-to-remember tasks way easier.

    As long as it's not undertaken in the spirit of passive-aggression.

    14. Hang a helpful reminder by the main door.

    This makes sure that empty beer bottles and frozen pizza boxes get down to the curb in a timely manner, WHERE THEY BELONG.

    15. If you have a dishwasher, mark it as clean or dirty with a magnet.

    So there'll be no excuse for leaving dishes festering in the sink. Available here.

    16. Keep the noise of a coffee grinder from waking everyone else up by wrapping it in a pillow or an oven mitt.

    It should dampen the sound. Bonus: Your pillow will smell rad.

    17. It goes without saying, but be as prompt with money and as courteous as you want to be treated.

    18. (Although sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures.)

    19. And always make sure nobody feels like they're being taken for granted.

    20. If nothing else, treat your roommates to this incredible display of witchcraft.

    You'll be lauded as a hero.