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    10 Tiny Homes You Can Actually Buy

    They're under 400 square feet total and are almost too adorable to be real. All for sale via Tiny House Listings.

    1. This 128-square-foot teeny in Tennessee.

    2. This 273-square foot mini Maine dwelling.

    3. This 32-square-foot(!) itty-bitty wonder shack in Massachusetts.

    4. This relatively spacious 384-square-footer in Maine.

    5. This 198-square-foot baby cabin on wheels in Colorado.

    Which features the cutest kitchen of all time.

    And the coziest bedroom.

    6. This 140-square-foot mobile Texas micro-house.

    7. This 216-square-foot pint-sized caravan in Oregon.

    8. This 312-square-foot houselet in Arizona.

    9. This 120-square-foot minute shack in California.

    10. This 192-square-foot petite home in Minnesota.