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19 Times Expectations Didn't Match Reality In 2013

Shoot for the moon — even if you miss, you'll still have a huge mess and sense of devastating self-doubt.

1. When this snowman just couldn't survive indoors.

2. When these adorable chick-pops turned out to be terrifying disease-balls.

3. When this gingerbread house just could not.

4. When this pizza was hit hard by the recession.

5. When this cat came closer to murder than you would even believe.

6. And when this cat refused to beard.

7. When breakfast ceased to be the most important meal of the day.

8. When Christmas was canceled.

9. When this guy attempted a #brave new look.

10. When this diner dared to dream.

11. When this cup ranneth over.

12. When everyone's signature made it look like they were trapped in an earthquake.

13. When Pinterest lied to us all.

14. And lied again.


16. When dude fashion was hard.

17. And so was lady fashion.

18. When society tried to fat-shame this horse and he wasn't having it, not one bit.

19. When this project went so, so wrong.