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    This Yarn Artist Covered An Entire Train In Crochet

    And you thought you were proud of that sweater you made.

    Olek is an artist known for covering everything around her in insanely colorful crochet.


    "I crochet everything that enters my space," she writes on her site. "Sometimes it’s a text message, a medical report, found objects. There is the unraveling, the ephemeral part of my work that never lets me forget about the limited life of the art object and art concept."

    This summer, she and a group of assistants undertook her biggest project yet: They crocheted around an entire four-car locomotive in Lodz, Poland.


    "I am totally in love with it, but hate it in the same time," she told Hi-Fructose. "If the natural progression is to make bigger better pieces, what should I make next? Can someone give me a plane? Or should I go to the moon?”"

    Olek's team of assistants.

    The project will be on display until Aug. 19.


    In case you happen to find yourself in Lodz.

    You can find Olek's installations in New York as well; this van is currently delighting children and adults alike in Williamsburg.

    And I happened across this sled by my subway one morning.

    Turns out the quickest way to brighten your day is to find a (joyfully unexpected) Olek original.

    h/t Hi-Fructose

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