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    This Girl Made A Backpack Entirely Out Of Snacks

    It's the DIY project the world has been waiting for.

    Christina Guan is a blogger who documents her many creative pursuits. The noblest of them all is this SNACK BACKPACK.

    Christina Guan /

    Aka a Snackpack. Christina credits a Foodbeast article, about Korean schoolgirls making giant backpacks out of junk food, with piquing her interest in making one for her snack-loving friend's birthday.

    Because she's the hero we've been waiting for, she documented her step by step process.

    Christina Guan /

    "All you need," she told BuzzFeed, "is tape and deliciousness."

    "The only really challenging part is the straps," Christina said.

    Christina Guan /

    "You have to make sure they're the right length for your Snackpack wearer and you have to tape them extra tight to ensure that they won't break while you're walking around."

    She added, "Not eating the materials was tough, but that's why you buy extras ;)"

    Christina Guan /

    Find out more about the Snackpack here, unless you have stopped reading and are already busy making your own. Snackwave at its finest.