This Company Wants To Tattoo The Full Text Of "Alice's Adventures In Wonderland" On 2,500 People

    Litographs is on a mission to create the world's longest (temporary) tattoo chain.

    Litographs is a rad company that's best known for printing the full text of popular novels on t-shirts and posters. Now, they're launching a line of high-quality literary temporary tattoos.

    They'll be producing temp tats of lines from Huck Finn...

    Peter Pan...

    And Ulysses, among many more.

    As part of their Kickstarter campaign, the company wants to recreate the full text of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland entirely in temporary tattoos.

    Like these!

    Once the tattoos have been received and applied, participants can upload their photos here.

    The full gallery is scheduled to go live in December, as long as the project is fully funded.

    And unless someone happens to beat them to it, it'll be the world's longest (temporary) tattoo chain.

    Check out the Kickstarter here in order to participate or follow along yourself.