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    15 Things You Should Never Say To A Crafter

    Best not to piss off anyone wielding a hot glue gun.

    1. "Wow, you must save so much money."

    2. "I borrowed your scissors to trim my bangs."

    "I'll put them back when I'm done."

    3. "Will you knit me a sweater? I'll buy you a drink!"


    Unless the drink is this, try again.

    4. "You're so *domestic.*"

    5. "Take my garbage, I'm sure you can make something cute out of it."

    6. This.

    Flickr: lergik


    7. "You know, you could have just bought that from Anthropologie."

    Hey cool, let me just hand over my life savings for something covered in teeny hedgehogs.

    The correlate to this is when you're shopping with your friends and they're like, "Oh, that's cute, but you can totally just make it for me."

    8. "It can't hurt THAT badly."

    Let's not even get started on X-Acto wounds.

    9. "Can you fix this rip? And that tear? And reattach these zippers? And also this dress doesn't fit right in the waist, want to take a look at that too?"

    Slow down there, cowboy, one at a time.

    10. "That doesn't look like the Pinterest pin."


    11. "Oops, sorry, I left that gift you made me in a cab. My bad!!"

    12. "Aww, you're just like my grandma!"

    Grandmas are rad but that doesn't mean we always want to be compared to them. This especially applies in situations where the offender in question is trying to pick you up.

    13. "Could you clean up your supplies? Like, now?"

    Ryan gets it <333

    14. "You've been working on that forever. Are you ever going to finish?"

    Talk to the WIP, bitchez.

    15. "Where's the Modge Podge?"

    Alanna Okun


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