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    Mar 11, 2013

    18 Things You Probably Shouldn't Make Out Of Jeans

    Recycling is wonderful, but please remember: denim is for butts, not for shoes or plants.

    1. Planters

    The whole point of nature is that it doesn't have to wear pants.


    3. Stools

    This looks like it could murder you.

    4. Shoes

    5. Potholders

    Oh, very.

    6. Lampshades

    7. Purses

    You're essentially rummaging around in a crotch every time you need your Chapstick.

    8. Couches

    On the bright side, if you lose anything in the couch you can always just check one of the many pockets.

    9. Chairs

    And you'll never have to worry about leaving a jeans stain (known in some circles* as a "juke stain".

    *Unclear which circles

    10. Corsets

    11. Christmas Stockings

    Merry Christmas from your butt.

    12. Bikinis

    Denim yarn should be deployed sparingly. (Although not this sparingly.)

    13. Dolls

    14. Lace-Up Jorts

    15. This.

    Cool change purse.

    16. Yoga Pants

    17. America

    18. Uggs

    There is a strong chance that these violate the Geneva Conventions.

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