34 Adorable Things To Do With Leftover Bits Of Yarn

    Busting stashes, taking names.

    1. Use yarn scraps to wrap your gifts.

    2. Knit a bookmark.

    3. Make a collage with tiny rolled-up yarn balls.

    4. Knit (or crochet!) greeting cards.

    5. Make tiny bunnies.

    6. Or even tinier bunnies.

    7. Crochet a quick and simple doily for an ornament.

    8. Or crochet smaller ones to make earrings.

    9. Store and display your yarn on clothespins.

    10. Knit little booties.

    11. Wrap a block to make a yarn stamp.

    12. Turn corks into cabled trees.

    13. Make someone you love a merit badge.

    14. Knit a braided necklace.

    15. Pom-poms make bookmarks you won't want to stop playing with.

    16. They're also great for garlands.

    17. And taxidermy.

    18. Knit a small hedgehog.

    19. Or some wee mittens.

    20. An itty-bitty acorn.

    21. Little hats.

    22. Or a sweater fit for a mouse.

    23. Crochet some hair bows.

    24. Make wall art.

    25. Give a clock a much-needed sweater.

    26. Also some string lights.

    27. Make tassels for a necklace.

    28. Or a garland.

    29. Knitted flags make great bunting as well.

    30. Crochet cute cotton coasters.

    31. Knit a couple of dishcloths.

    32. Wrap pipe-cleaner letters in yarn.

    33. Add some to a feeder for birds to use in their nests.

    34. Pay homage to your craft with a downright cascade.

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