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    34 Adorable Things To Do With Leftover Bits Of Yarn

    Busting stashes, taking names.

    1. Use yarn scraps to wrap your gifts.

    From Last-Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson, which you should definitely own if you're a knitter who likes simple but beautiful projects, pretty pictures, and the thrill that comes with finishing a piece in under an hour.

    2. Knit a bookmark.

    3. Make a collage with tiny rolled-up yarn balls.

    4. Knit (or crochet!) greeting cards.

    It's like if Mondrian were a kindly fiber artist.

    5. Make tiny bunnies.

    Ohhhhh myyyy godddddd. You can use these as toys for kids, catnip playthings for a feline friend, or just surround yourself with them for all eternity.

    (A few of the patterns in this post are only accessible if you have a Ravelry account, which is free and absolutely something you should have anyway if you've made it this far.)

    6. Or even tinier bunnies.

    Jesus H. Christ. Pattern available here.

    7. Crochet a quick and simple doily for an ornament.

    Even if you've never made a doily before, don't be daunted; this pattern is totally doable and well-written. Incidentally, I have four of these in various sizes currently sitting on my desk at work.

    8. Or crochet smaller ones to make earrings.

    9. Store and display your yarn on clothespins.

    10. Knit little booties.

    Directions here.

    11. Wrap a block to make a yarn stamp.

    12. Turn corks into cabled trees.

    13. Make someone you love a merit badge.

    Or keep it for yourself; chances are, you've earned it.

    14. Knit a braided necklace.

    15. Pom-poms make bookmarks you won't want to stop playing with.

    Directions here for both pom-poms and the bookmark.

    16. They're also great for garlands.

    17. And taxidermy.

    18. Knit a small hedgehog.

    Pattern available here.

    19. Or some wee mittens.

    Directions here.

    20. An itty-bitty acorn.

    21. Little hats.

    Directions here.

    22. Or a sweater fit for a mouse.

    Truth time: I once made a whole bunch of these for my friends intended to be worn around the necks of beer bottles, because IDK.

    23. Crochet some hair bows.

    Or use them to adorn gifts.

    24. Make wall art.

    All it takes are some nails or tacks and the depths of your imagination.

    25. Give a clock a much-needed sweater.

    26. Also some string lights.

    Pattern here.

    27. Make tassels for a necklace.

    28. Or a garland.

    29. Knitted flags make great bunting as well.

    These directions are in Swedish but a) Google Translate exists and b) knitted/crocheted triangles are super simple to figure out.

    30. Crochet cute cotton coasters.

    Say that five times fast.

    31. Knit a couple of dishcloths.

    I would highly recommend using cotton yarn.

    32. Wrap pipe-cleaner letters in yarn.

    Directions here.

    33. Add some to a feeder for birds to use in their nests.

    It'll be a lovely, colorful surprise.

    34. Pay homage to your craft with a downright cascade.

    They're not full balls of yarn, but rather Styrofoam balls wrapped with a small amount of leftovers.

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